Easy globe is a private visa services and travel assistance firm based in Amman – Jordan, Staffed with a team of highly qualified employees, officers and consultants fully versed in visa services. Easy globe efficient team will meet the needs and goals of most travel and visa institutes also individuals by its luxury service with prestige value.

Easy globe has grown since 2008 by Form a group of visa services consultants in the field of travel & visa services to the clients in Amman market and others. We have built a strong team of experts, translators, facilitators in a distinct location in the heart of AmAman.

We believe everyone can travel all around the world with effective support from leaders and professionals in travel services. Your Convenience is our priority. Your achievement is our only focus. We guarantee your satisfaction because your satisfaction is our success

Focus on growth
Easy globe has seen continued growth over the previous six years, and sales have increased by double growth rates in the last few years. This has happened in the global travel and tourism market characterized by stagnation throughout the last decade.

The easy globe expects continued growth in sales in the years ahead. The foundation for this growth is a constant focus on the agencies core services and the several markets.
On this basis, six growth initiatives have been defined:
1- Rapid Grow of market share in Amman.
2- Grow of market share in Iraq.
3- Expand in “direct to consumer” activities.
4- Working in the newly “emerging markets” Such as Syria.
5- Expand the travel& and tourism education in its several prepossess.
6- Grow of anew VIP service concepts in the field of T&T.
Our Vision
Easy globe vision is to contribute in helping our clients to reform travel and visa movements that focus on their success by providing them with the highest level of VIP services and consulting.
Our Mission
Easy globe mission is to bring to our clients a distinguished services in an exceptional premium quality stands out among all stages of service delivery.
Our Objectives
aim is to provide our clients Easy globe with personalized advice, excellent information and a comprehensive service tailored to suit your needs and budget.
Our Strategy
Our long term strategy is to develop a unique market position by making the name of easy globe the first in premium visa services by a premium service Techniques.

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